About Us


315 Ensemble performing at Centrala in Birmingham, England in March 2017.


Formed in Birmingham, England in 2016, 315 Ensemble is led by composer/guitarist Chris Cresswell and is dedicated to performing electro-acoustic music. Featuring flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, electric guitar, and electronics, 315 Ensemble is ostensibly a chamber ensemble masquerading as an electro-acoustic band or an experimental band masquerading as a chamber ensemble. Blurring the lines between ambient, experimental, electronic, and classical music, 315 Ensemble isn't bothered by genre or other classifications. "I'm not particularly interested in expanding definitions or pushing boundaries...frankly, I don't care," said founder Chris Cresswell, "I just want to make the best music possible." 

315 Ensemble has commissioned works by Emily Levy, Patrick Ellis, Robert Crehan, Kevin Baldwin, Anne Goldberg, and Daniel Sutheran. They are collaborating on a new project with UK based singer/songwriter Chloe Knibbs. Their first record will come out on PARMA Records in the Winter 2018.